772 Marketing GmbH


772 Marketing is an event agency that brings realistic creativity, diligence, experience, cultural understanding and flexibility, to transform your events into a measurable achievement and not just a good job.

Cultural knowledge

Different countries have their own rules and regulations, traditions and expectations and dos and don'ts. As a multi-cultural team we explore what can and what cannot be done, which increases the traction of your event in an alien marketplace.

Experience and fresh ideas

We bring a lot of experience into the relationship but take nothing for granted because our clients are diverse and unique. While bringing in fresh ideas and professional advice we work with care to fit in with your resources, requirements and objectives.

Personal engagement

We fully identify with our clients' projects. When we work on a project for you we think and act as if we were an integrated part of your company. We prepare thoroughly so you can benefit from pro-active support, guidance and quality work that meets your highest expectations.

Understanding your corporate world

We take into account circumstances and sensitivities. We have many years of experience in, and working for, corporate marketing departments. So we understand the pressures and restrictions you face, personally, as a team and as a company.